A passion for stone and history

‘I grew up in Portugal and played in castles that belonged to acquaintances of my parents. These reminiscences anchored themselves in my subconscious; the atmospheric memories are indelible. Back in the Netherlands, I learned painting and sculpting from my grandmother. But the Academy of Arts rejected my application because my drawings were too commercial. In an old greenhouse, I became an independent entrepreneur focused on painting and creating works of art. During this period, I learned a great deal about the properties and characteristics of many different materials. The impressive monumental buildings and ruins of the Renaissance inspired me to conduct experiments with various material combinations. After this creative phase, I began to receive commissions as an interior architecture consultant and implemented projects in this domain. All the while, I kept experimenting with materials and continuously broadened my under- standing of their physical attributes. I have always been fond of historic stones and a hospitable atmosphere. Additionally, I looked for ways to make building faster and easier. But my priority was always on preserving authenticity and historic charisma. Castle Stones are the result of this quest. Subsequently, I considered it my calling to put the focus on the further development of these magnificent stones. For me, Castle Stones is now a dream come true and a pivotal part of my life.’ Maurits Simonette